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Withdraw Students


Follow these instructions to Withdraw Students in SIRS 4.2.x. If you store Student Bar Codes, or do any fees at all, be sure to read the items at the end of this article. 


  1. Start here: Student > Withdraw Student.
  2. A list of all Currently Enrolled students appears: 

Screen shot: Student list

  1. Click the Student you wish to Withdraw, then Click Next, advancing you to here: 

Screen shot:  Choices to be made as to how student left you

  1. Choosing from the picklist, assign this Student's proper Out Status.
  2. Enter the Student's proper Out Date
  3. If your School or District requires verification of the Withdrawal, make the proper choice from the picklist.
  4. Click Finish and this confirmation message appears:

Screen shot: Are you sure you wish to Withdraw this student?

  1. If your Student is enrolled in Classes, SIRS will ask:

Screen shot: Enrolled in Classes. Do you wish to withdrawn him/her from the classes?

  1. If this Student has already been set up with Next School Year information, and you decide to continue Withdrawing them, you 'll see the next dialog box, which can allow you to clear the Next Year information for the Student or leave it, if you know the Student's leaving now but will return next year:

Screen Shot: Do you want to delete the next Year information for this student?

Note: Our advice to most schools, most of the time: Delete the Next Year information.

  1. Either way, you'll come to this concluding Message: 

Screen Shot: Do you wish to withdraw another student?

What if we use Bar Codes?

If your District/Board stores Bar Code numbers for your students and you plan to Withdraw a student from one of your schools, before enrolling them at another of your schools, the Bar Code number will stay with the Student when she is Withdrawn; but, currently, she'll lose it when you enroll her in the second school. We suggest writing the Bar Code number down on paper before you Withdraw her from Building 1. Then fill it back in, manually, when you Enroll her in School Two.

What about Fees?

Course Fees

In Preferences (Setup > Preferences > Fees), you established whether Course Fees should automatically be removed from a Student's record when they withdraw from the Course; and if they should, you established a time limit. Many schools, for instance, give the students two weeks to drop at no charge. If they drop later in the term than that, they pay the full Course Fee -- or, depending upon another Preference, a portion of the full fee. 

School/District Fees

SIRS does not automatically remove these fees from a Student's record. We allow you to determine how you wish to handle these fees in your Building or District. 

  • How does your District handle a Student who attends school half the school year -- do you expect them to pay half the school fees?
  • What if a student withdraws but still wants to purchase a yearbook?

Automatically deleting School/District fees would give you no control in situations like the above, so we suggest you add manual removal/adjustment of fees to your list of things to do when Withdrawing a student. 










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