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Year End Process Checklist - SIRS


To ensure a smooth year-end rollover, it is important certain functions be completed PRIOR to running your Demographic Rollover. This is a quick-reference guide to assist with the sequence of the processes; for procedural information please click below:

Next Year Setup Best Practices

Term End Update

Demographic Rollover

Scheduling Rollover

Pre-Demographic Rollover

The following processes MUST be run PRIOR to the Demographic Rollover. Reports are optional.

Module Action Required


Marks/Grades Final Report Cards run.  
Term End Update Update TEU after previewing, to ensure data is complete and accurate  
Course Mark Submission After TEU has been updated, run any course mark files, which your government may require.  
Attendance Reports Annual attendance reports for students and/or buildings.  
Fee Reports                     Run Outstanding Fee report.  

Post-Demographic Rollover

Area Action Required Completed?
Scheduling Rollover Ensure the personnel responsible for student scheduling are ready for this process to be run. Once a scheduling rollover has been completed, the Next Year environment is no longer available.  
Next Year Scheduling This can continue after the school year has completed and a Demographic Rollover has been run, HOWEVER, once a Scheduling Rollover has been run, student scheduling will need to be completed in the current year environment.  

Student Information

Area Action Required  Completed?
Next Year Fields Have all applicable NYR Fields been populated?  
Next Year Reports Has a data verification report been run to identify missing or incorrect information?  
Next Year Student Data Refer to our Best Practices for Next Year Student Data Setup article for detailed instruction.  

Marks Information Flowchart

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