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Add a Teacher to an existing Class


I need to add a teacher to an existing class which already has one teacher. 

Make sure you log in as a building person

Many operators come into Class Setup and Schedule and don't see the opportunity to edit anything. That's because they've logged in as a District operator and Scheduling is only editable with a School username/password.

  1. Log-in as a School operator and go here: Scheduling > Class Setup and Schedule;
  2. Click the Class you wish to edit;
  3. Click Setup (at left);
  4. Click Edit  (lower, middle). Notice Resources is underlined now;
  5. From the Staff  picklist (upper left), choose the teacher you desire;
  6. Click Add  (far right; easy to miss). This will drop the teacher’s name down into the assignment area, bottom of form;
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click Submit  at the main window (many folks forget this step).
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