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Add a new Staff Member - SchoolLogic


This article explains adding a staff member. If you log in with District credentials, you can add staff to any building. If you use a School's credentials, you can only add staff to that school.

Information form

From the Home Page of SchoolLogic, go here: Setup > Staff Setup. You’ll notice that none of the fields are accessible.

Click Add  in the bottom, middle of the form to begin entering a new staff member.

Staff Information

Under Staff Information, enter the desired Last Name and First Name. Continue through these choices:

  • Title - Optional. Choose from the picklist
  • Staff Code - Alphanumeric. Up to eight characters. May autofill, based on your installation's preferences. 
  • Staff Barcode - Optional. Many Schools use this as a local identifier. 
  • ID Number - Optional. This could be an existing employee number or even a license number. This field can be hidden in Group Security.
  • Inactive - Field accepts only Yes, No. Enter Nofor nearly all of your staff. Enter Yes if you do not want this staff member displayed on teaching resource lists.
  • Email - Optional.
  • Cell Phone - Optional.
  • School - If you see the School  field in the third row of the second column, it means you are logged in as a District/Board user, because School users see only users from their own building. If a School user creates new users, those users are automatically assigned to the same building as their creator. District users can assign an individual School to any user by choosing a School from the picklist. This restricts the students available to the staff member and controls on which school's lists and forms the staff member appears. TIP: Clients requiring a Teacher to work in different buildings generally create one "version" of that staffer for each Building. Their User Name must be unique but you can assign the same Password to each. 

User Information

  • Allow Login? Check this box if this staff member will be allowed to log into SchoolLogic or TeacherLogic. If you have a staff member who needs to be available for Staff lists but will not access the Logic products, leave this box empty. 
  • User Name - Enter the User Name this staff member will use to log into Logic products. User Names must be unique, even if you are creating more than one login for a person. Case insensitive. 
  • Password - Enter the Password this staff member will use to log into Logic Products. Case insensitive. Does not have to be unique. When you enter the Password, it will not display here, for security reasons. Passwords are visible if you run a  SQL query.
  • Allow Substitute Login? Check this box if another user will work with the same students as the selected staff member. For instance, a substitute teacher or teaching assistant who might enter Grades or Attendance. Note: This might not be the best option for a user who needs access to all Student information; if the original teacher is restricted to only own students (see below), this substitute will also be. In the case of a year-long substitute, some clients create that sub as a unique staff member and assign her/him as a resource to the needed Classes. Advantage: The unique user could be set up to have greater student access than a Sub created with this command.
  • Substitute User Name - Enter the User Name the substitute will use to log in. User Names must be unique. Case insensitive. 
  • Substitute Password - Enter the Password the substitute will use to log in. Case insensitive. Doesn't have to be unique. When you enter the Password, it will not display here, for security reasons. Passwords are visible if you run a  SQL query 
  • Exp. Date - Enter the last date you want the Substitute to be able to log in (this date can be changed). This is a required field if you allow Substitute Login. 

Student Access

  • Available for Class List? Enter Yes  if you want this staff member to be included in staff lists for forms or reports. If you expect to Schedule this staffer into Classes, you must enter Yes. Some schools choose No if they want the staffer in the system but don't need to see them in every staff picklist or class list.
  • Restricted to own Students? Enter Yes  if you want this staff member to only have access to students scheduled into classes taught by that staff member.
  • Note: You could Click Submit  now and continue later. If you do not submit and then leave the form for any reason (including the network logs you out), none of your information is saved. Note 2: Once you get enough staff members (or students) entered, notice that in the Group Manager at right, you can navigate the list by using Top, Previous, Next, Last (depending upon your preference settings). Depending upon the sorting you chose, you can also enter the first few letters of a staff member's (or student's) last name or the first numbers of the code you are looking for. Click Go to move to the point in the list which begins with those letters or numbers. 

Click Submit  if you want to save the info you entered and continue filling the rest of the fields later. Click Reset  if you want to return the form to the last-saved information -- which would mean leaving it blank if this is the first time entering information for this staffer and you have not yet saved. Click Cancel  if you want to close the form.

Note: When you Click Add, in the bottom, middle of any of the Staff forms, you will always add a new staff member. If you Click Add  in error, you can always Click Cancel and re-select the original staff member you were working on. 

Address form

  • In the blue header under the staffer's name, Click Address Info, then Click Edit, in the bottom, middle of the form, to edit the following:
  • Phone number -- This defaults to one of your communication types. Either enter the number at right or Click the label and choose from the picklist the number type you desire to enter (the list is created/edited here: Setup > Lookup Tables > Communication Types). Once you have selected the number your desire, enter this staff member's version of that number. 
  • Address -- Enter the entire address of the staff member, including postal code.
  • Notes -- Enter any note you wish to remember about this staff member. For instance: When are they returning from sick leave?

Positions form

  • In the blue header under the staffer's name, Click Edit Positions, then Click Edit, in the bottom, middle of the form.
  • Click Edit Positions  to select (or add) a position to add to the Control Panel list. Note: If you click on Edit Positions and a form does not pop up:
    • Make sure you have Popup Blockers turned off for your SchoolLogic web page
    • It's possible the form is behind the main SchoolLogic window. Move the window to look.
  • Once you enter the FTE, SchoolLogic assumes you are selecting that position to add. For example, if you enter .5 in the position in the teacher's top row, that position will be selected.  If you do not see the Positions you require, more can be added here: Setup > Lookup Tables > Staff Position.
  • After you enter the FTE, enter the appropriate Assignment and Completion Dates. 
  • Click Submit  on the pop-up form when you have entered all of the Position information for this Teacher. This saves the information.
  • Click Submit  in the bottom, middle of the form. This displays your changes on the "main window" of the Positions form.

Custom Fields form

  • In the blue header under the staffer's name, Click Custom Fields, then Click Edit, in the bottom, middle of the form.
  • You can now add information to fields which you added to SchoolLogic here: Setup - Field Maintenance - User Defined.  (You can add fields to the custom page using Setup - Demographics Maintenance > Staff. )

Board Builder Form 

  • In the blue header under the staffer's name, Click Board Builder, then Click Edit, in the bottom, middle of the form
  • On this form, you will set up the parameters for this teacher which Board Builder will use to build his/her Class schedule. More information will become available as we build Mindtouch.

Schedule Form  

  • In the blue header under the staffer's name, Click Schedule to display this teacher's Class Schedule.
  • For a Matrix view of only this Teacher's schedule, Click View Schedule at bottom, left.
  • For a Matrix view of this Teacher's schedule in the larger context of your School's schedule, Click Master View Schedule.


Click Submit  to save the information or Click Reset  to return to the last-saved information. Click Cancel  to cancel saving information on your current tab and return to the page, but without access to making changes. Continue entering staff following the above steps. If you need to delete a staff member entry, Click Remove. The Remove option is not available is you've already clicked Edit.

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