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SRB SIS Knowledge Base

Attendance for Groups of Students


Attendance Global Update is useful to update a group of students who have a common attendance status and reason (e.g., field trip) within the same time frame.


  1. Go to Attendance > Attendance Global Update.

  1. Select the group of students to enter attendance for by clicking the group in the top of the Group Manager at right. For example, in the screen shot above, you would select 

  2. Enter the date you want to take attendance for by either manually typing the date in the fields, or by selecting the  and  buttons and clicking on the date in the calendar that pops up.

  3. Enter  or  to .

  4. Click on  and select the appropriate Attendance Status.

  5. If applicable, enter a reason for the absence in the Reason field by clicking on .

  6. Enter a comment in the  if required.

  7. Select the   if the attendance update is for the entire day. Select the   and enter a time range if the update is for certain time periods during the day.

  1. Click .

  2. A message box will pop up asking if the information entered for this global update is correct. If all entered information is correct, click .

  3. A second message box will display asking if you are really sure. Click  again.

  4. Once the update is complete, another message box will pop up summarizing the update. This window can be printed as a summary page by selecting the  button or click  to close the message box.

Note: All time periods (or bell schedules) entered as well as the usual school hours will be taken into consideration.

  1. To remove Attendance entries for a group of students, select the group, date and time and mark the students as Present.

  2. Click Submit.