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Awards and Graduation Report: 'Non-Matching' Displays in Error


You have two students with the same displayed average. The Awards and Graduation Report displays one as "Matching" and one as "Non-Matching." Why?

Screen shot: Report display shows one student "Matching" and one student "Not Matching"

Check this

1. The first thing to check is that the Student doesn't have an individual class with a grade below the floor you set in the Awards and Graduation setup. For instance: If you told SchoolLogic to disquality any Student with a Grade of 3.00, our system will do exactly that. Even if the Student's average would otherwise place him above the cut; if even one class has a score of 2.99, the Student is out.

2. Even if you considering Grades from only one Report Period, Select Average grade from selected report card dates

Screen Shot: Awards and Graduation Report actual Report choices

One Report Period

Testing your Report both ways will, correctly, show Students as Matching if you engage that, when you have only one Report Period selected in the box above.

More than one Report Period

If you have more than one Report Period selected, Select or clear this checkbox as needed. If Average grade from selected report cards dates is selected, for classes that have grades in more than one Report Period, all available Grades will be averaged. 

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