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Basic Field Types and Features


SchoolLogic has fields that allow you to type any information into them and others that require you to enter names and codes. There are also drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, and calendar buttons. Some fields are (or can be) set up for text or number entry and others are set up so you will select a date.


In a character or memo field, you can enter any information you like. You are not restricted to specific choices. An example of a field is the First Name field in the Demographics form. Any value can be entered into this field, including letters or numbers.

For more information on areas and fields, see Field Maintenance in Administrative Utilities where you can learn how to make changes to fields.


When you attempt to insert a code, you will use a link that will open a Lookup Table. The table will contain specific choices to enter into the field. An example of a field needing a code is the field in Demographics that is linked to the Grades Lookup Table (in Setup > Lookup Tables). When you are entering a code into a form, you can only enter a code that is in the Lookup Table.

Fields that are highlighted as a link also have a feature called “quick-fill”. This time-saving feature allows you to simply type enough letters in the field to make a value unique and the value will be entered automatically in the field. For example, the following screen is the Lookup Table for Attendance Reasons.


When entering a lunch type, simply type a "d" and Denied would appear because it is the only entry that starts with a "d".  Hitting the Escape key will clear the quick fill.

Drop-Down Lists

Drop-down lists contain a hidden list from which you can make selections. Click on the button to show the list. Scroll down the list using your mouse or the arrow keys and click your mouse or press Enter to make your selection. At times the selections for a drop-down list are hard coded but occasionally you will be able to make changes to the list in a Lookup Table.


When a  is available in a form, you will select the field by clicking on it to show the check mark. For example, on the Personal-2 tab of Demographics, Protected is used to indicate that the student's information must be protected more than another student's information. Checkboxes are used to indicate that you are answering Yes to a field (or an item in a list).

Radio Buttons

When a  [radio button] is available on a form, you will select the button to indicate that you want that field or selection. Selecting a radio button generally requires you to select one field over another. For example, if you click the   in theAdd Discipline form, i.e., , only selected users will be able to view the discipline entry you are creating.

Calendar Buttons

Most SchoolLogic date fields will have a  button to make selection of dates, for example, birth dates in Demographics.

You can use the month drop-down list to select the month or year. You can also use the  and  buttons to scroll through months in sequential order. Click on the date in the calendar to finish selecting the date.

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