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Cannot pick Students' Grade Levels


Some of our operators cannot pick Students' Grade Levels. For instance, when printing an Academic Transcript, some see a list of Grades to choose from under History Grade Level., but other operators don't. 


This is an intersection of the operator's login and the Grade Levels' ownership. Grade Levels can be owned by either the District or an individual School. If the Grade Levels are owned by a School and you log in with a District login, in some situations you will not see the Grade Levels. If Grade Levels are owned by one building and you log in with another building's ID, you will not see those Grade Levels. Most clients, most of the time, prevent all this by having the Grade Levels be District owned. 

To learn the situation at your  District, run this SQL command::

select * from grades

The column to study is the final one: iSchoolID. Any row with a zero in that column means that Grade is District owned. Any other number in the final column tells you that row is owned by an indvidual School. If you want to change what you find, contact our support desk.



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