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Class is mistakenly marked as Complete


Sometimes a teacher, particularly one working in TeacherLogic, might inadvertently mark a Class Completed  before they should.


In either SIRS or SchoolLogic, go here: Schedule > Class Setup and Schedule. Locate the class in question. Write down the Class Name and Section number. If there is more than one class which needs work, write down the Class Name/Section number of each. 

Launch SQL Management Studio.

Back up your SQL data before running any commands

Run this SQL Query:

select * from class order by cName

Using both  the Class Name and Section number to verify you are working with the correct class, write down the iClassID of the class you need to edit. The above script should return iClassID in Column 1 of the results, but always verify the Column Header. For the sake of example, we will call it X.


If you wish to investigate before you fix the situation, run this:

select* from enrollment where iclassID = x

Note that there is a recent date in the dOutDate column; it is something other than 1900-01-01. Also note the Completion Status is something other than zero. Record how how many students are affected. Each row is one student.

Here is the Fix

Run these one at a time:
update enrollment set doutdate = '1900-01-01 00:00:00.000' where iclassid = x

update enrollment set ilv_completionstatusid = 0 where iclassid = x

You should expect rows affected to be identical for each command and equal the enrollment in the class.