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Concurrent Enrollments: Alberta Coding


Coding is now independent for each school site within a District.  Schools may now enter Student coding relevant to their specific site. Although the location of the data has changed, all Alberta Education Coding regulations remain the same.

Where is coding located?

Student Program, Exceptionality and Enrollment coding is housed within the status line for each school independently.  Go to Student Demographics > Status Tab. Click on the applicable status line.

There are two main areas: General for specific enrollment information such as In Status or In-Date, and a Government.  Click on the Government Tab.

Entering Student Coding

Enter any coding required adhering to Alberta Education regulations.  For Example, French as a Second Language [230] requires that #French Hours also be entered.  Click Submit

A pop-up will display asking if this is New information or a Correction, select accordingly.  This will be sent to Alberta Education and PASI Core will be updated.