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Creating Requests


Course Requests allow Students to select courses for the upcoming school year.  They also allow schools to tally interest in course offerings, calculate the number of sections required for a class and ultimately schedule students into their next year classes.


Creating Requests is a two-step process beginning with adding the Request and then linking it to the corresponding Course.  Once this is completed, students can begin their selection process and then schools can determine course interest and seat allocation.

First Step

Scheduling > Next Year Scheduling > Setup > Requests.  

Click > Add.  Enter the following information:


Name School discretion. Many schools begin with course code and then course name.
Grade What grade level is the course associated with.
Low Grade The lowest grade level whose members are allowed to enroll into the course.
High Grade

The highest grade level whose members are allowed to enroll into the course.

Credit Credit value of the course.  This must match the credit level on the course board.
Gender Use only if gender restrictions apply; such as Phys. Ed Girls / Boys only.
Schedule Weight Scale of 1-9 to set the priority of course during simulations. Smaller numbers = more importance.
Capacity Used only by the Scheduling process. Contributes to the calculation of number of sections needed.
Course Units Contribute the calculation of what constitutes a full student schedule.
Inactive Yes or No. Choose no if you don't plan to offer the Course in the near term but may in the future. 

Second Step

The next step is to link the request to the corresponding Course(s). Any single request can be linked to a single Course or to multiple Courses.  Remain in the Request page. On the bottom, Click Course Requests.  From the picklist which pops up, select the correct course(s).  Click  > Select  > Submit

You have now created the Request from which Students will select their Next Year Classes.

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