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Demographic Maintenance Layout Page


In SchoolLogic, Districts have the option to customize your Student Demographic Page. Fields of many format types can be added, removed or moved to different pages. These instructions show how to design a Student Demographic Page.  NOTE: Student Demographic Page is customized by District level only, not by individual schools.

Creating Custom Fields

Before adding fields to the Demographic Maintenance Page, you may need to create custom fields, here: Setup > Field Maintenance_User Defined.  There are three areas in which you can create fields: Contact, Staff and Student. The most common is Student.

In Field Maintenance_User Defined, place your cursor on the Student  heading under which you want to create the new field.  

Click Add, then Enter:

Caption: Text field. Type in the name of the field

Data Type: Select the data type of field. If you want a custom lookup table you will need to create the table. See below.

Require:  Yes t o make it a mandatory field; blank = No

Audit Changes: Yes  to audit the field; blank = No

Active: enter Yes

Default Value: Your choice to enter a default value (meaning every student would receive this value to start with) or to leave blank.

Width: Enter the maximum width

Format: enter if special formatting is required, such as a phone number 

Click Submit

Creating Lookup Tables

Step 1

Lookup Tables contain set values which are used to regulate data entry.  Creating these tables is a two-step process.

In SchoolLogic go to Setup > Lookup Tables. Click Add Lookup Table.


  • Lookup Name.  Example: Sport Team 

  • Select District Owned  to restrict access to District-level Users only (which reduces the possibility of five different schools coming up with five different versions of the same code).  For school-level access, leave the checkbox blank.

Click Submit

Step 2

Click Add Lookup Table Value.  


  • Name
  • Code
  • Inactive: enter No

Click Submit

Repeat until all of the values have been entered for the table.

Adding Custom Fields to Student "tab cards"

Once Lookup Tables and/or custom fields have been created they need to be added to the Demographic Maintenance Page in order to display on the Students' Demographic Page.  NOTE: Student Demographic Page can be redesigned without custom fields being created.

To Add or Remove fields from the Student Demographic Page, go to Setup > Demographics Maintenance. Click on the tab of the page you wish to edit.  For Example: Personal 1. Click Editon the bottom middle of the form.

There are two methods of populating the fields. Click into the box in which you want to place the field and :

  • Type in the name of the field i.e. Last Name and Click Enter;


  • Use the dart icon to the left of the field to scroll and select the field.  

IMPORTANT: Be sure to Click Submit  prior to leaving the page you are working within.

Demo Maint setup.jpg

Deleting a Field

To delete an unwanted field, click on the tab of the page you wish to edit.  For Example: Personal 1. Click Edit  in the middle, bottom of the form. Place your cursor in the field you wish to delete. Click x.

Delete field.jpg

IMPORTANT: Be sure to Click Submit  prior to leaving the page you are working within.

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