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Demographic Rollover Fix for 4.3.22


4.3.22 and Database 2.2.386.


In 4.3.22, Demographics Rollover (aka. Demo Roll) doesn't always change all of the Student information it should. In some cases, that included students' Grade Levels and Homerooms for next year. Follow the instructions below to make this Demographic Rollover Fix. Some of the steps need to be taken before the Rollover process is run. Some, afterwards.


Back up your data before running any stored procedures or scripts
  1. CLICK HERE  to download a file of materials you'll need. You will automatically be logged into the SchoolLogic page of our FTP website.  Open Archives SchoolLogic. Then Select the appropriate Revised 4.3.22 update .zip file. Then Click Download, at the left end of the red bar.
  2. The zip file includes two stored procedures: sprStudentStatus and SprDemRollStudentList, last updated July 22, 2015Execute those in your SQL Server Management Studio. The order in which you run them is unimportant, but you must run both.
  3. The zip file includes a newly revised (also July 22) SLBO.dll file for you to install here: c:\wwwroot\inetpub\schoollogic\bin. At that location, delete the existing SLBO.dll.
  4. After the existing SLBO.dll is deleted, place the version of that file which you downloaded into that folder. NOTE 1: There is no precise time relationship between the above steps and when you run the Demo Roll. You can do the above steps weeks before the Demo Roll, or minutes before. NOTE 2: If you have more than one SchoolLogic virtual directory in your inetpub directory, delete/replace the SLBO in each.
  5. Back up your data at this point as well, so that if things happen to go badly, you can restore to a version which has the new stored procedures already installed.
  6. Perform the Demo Roll.
  7. Inspect your students. Do you see the students you should, where you should see them? Are they Currently Enrolled? Are they in the correct Grade Levels? Are they in the correct Homerooms? If so, proceed to Step 7. If they are not where they should be, CLICK HERE to contact our help desk.
  8. If your students look good, return to your SQL Server Management Studio and run this SQL Command:

delete from NYStudentStatus


There is a point in the Rollover process where you pick the 2015-16 enrollment date for your students. Follow whatever your school's practice is. We recommend:

  • Even if you want their enrollment date to be the first day of your 2015-16 Track, manually enter that date on the top, right of the Rollover form (rather than selecting "use Track dates").
  • Below that, enter the students' out-date from the 2014-2015 school year.
  • Alberta clients: In 2015-2016, you are free to pick any date. Beginning in the 2016-2017 School year, Alberta Education will not allow the option of assigning an enrollment date earlier than the start of your 2016-2017 Track.