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Demographics Next Year Fields - SchoolLogic


SchoolLogic consolidates all pieces of a student's Next Year information into a central location, for easy access. NOTE: As with any SchoolLogic field, you should not use Demographics Maintenance to put any of the Next Year information onto other student "tab cards."  There is no way to guarantee information stored in multiple locations will be uniformly updated. 

Begin on the Student Menu

Go here: Student menu > Demographics Next Year Fields 

Demographic Next Year fields for individual student.png

If a field's name begins with NYr  or NYR, it means that field contains a student's data for next year -- except for NYR Out Status, which actually refers to the Out Status with which a student will leave the Current Year.  Seat Width in the above display also refers to Current Year.

Any of the fields can be edited manually for an individual student:

1. Click Edit  in the lower, middle of the form to engage SchoolLogic's Edit mode.

Demographic Next Year Fields Photo 2.png 

2. Click on the black triangle to the right of the field's name, in order to see the picklist for that field.

3. Make your choice from that picklist and notice that it fills in that field in the middle of the display.

4. Change other fields as desired. Note: For Seat Width, type the number you desire directly into the field in the middle of the display.

5. To store your changes, Click Submit  in the lower, middle of the form:

Demographic NExtr Year Field photo 3.png


Note: The Next Year Fields can also be entered en masse here: Setup > Next Year Track's Grades and Statues. This is generally done in winter and is one of the first steps in setting your database up for Next Year Scheduling. Click Here  for a webinar to learn more.

Note 2: Data in any individual fields can be deleted or edited en masse by going here: Student > Global Updates. Select the students you wish to work with, the field you wish to edit and choose the new data, or blank, from a picklist. Click Submit  to make it happen.  

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