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Enter a Student for Next Year


Beginning with SchoolLogic 4.3.22 and Database 2.2.386, SchoolLogic users have the ability to Add Students for Next Year. This is for new students coming to your district or students re-entering your district who were not in the district last year. It is not for moving a student from School A to School B within your district. For students who will be entering your school in the next school year, this will create Next Year Status information. It does not create a Current Year status for the student. The Status form in Demographics will now look different.

Add Menu Item: Add Student for Next Year

1.  Go to Setup > Group Security.  Select a User group who should have the ability to add students for next year.  Click Menu Security.

2.  In the middle, bottom of the display,Click Edit.

3. On the left side under the Student menu, select Add Student Next Year and select the appropriate option (probably R, M, D). Click SubmitThis will give members of the selected User group this new ability when they next log into SchoolLogic.

How to Add a Student for Next Year

1.  From the Student menu, click Add Student for Next Year. Enter the student's name, birthdate and gender.  Click Next.

2.  A dialog box will ask:  No match found! Register as new Student? Click Yes.

3.  If the sibling list screen pops up, place a check mark beside any student who is a sibling. If you do not see the student’s sibling, because the last name is different, select all students at the top and then select the correct student(s). Note: We strongly suggest you add siblings when you can at this point. Doing so will create the proper ifamilyid connections for the student and is especially important for hybrid districts whose users work in both SchoolLogic and SIRS.

4.  Enter the student’s enrollment status, entry date (for next year), NYR track and grade. You do not have to enter a grad year if you don’t know it.

Enter student for next year shot 1.png


5.  Click Finish and Edit Demographics.  It will take you to the new student's Demographics pages, after a pop-up displaying the student number your new enrollee was given. Click the Status tab. This is what the Status form looks like only after adding the student for next year. Note: The new student does not have an In Status for this year. 

Enter student for next year shot 1.1.png

If you wish to edit next year's information about this student one easy way is to click on her registration code. This will open a pop-up window, providing editable access to her Next Year fields. You can also edit those fields here: Student > Demographics Next Year Fields. All other student Demographics fields can be edited at this time as well. 


6.  Open any Currently Enrolled student. Click Status. The form will look like the one below. Currently enrolled students will appear with a current status, but no next year status -- until operators start filling in information for Next Year.

Enter student for next year shot 4.png