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Error: # Error when running Mailing Labels

Error Message

# Error when running Mailing Labels .


There is more than one thing to investigate. Start with (A). Work toward (D).


(A) Open the web.config file in SQL Reporting Services and ensure the Connection String in it is pointing at the correct database. 

Go here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\*\Reporting Services\ReportServer. The asterisk is there because different installs seem to have different names at that level. Where the asterisk is, the level might read something like:




Note: If you are on a trail where the folder names are simp[y a number, like 80, 90, 100, you're in the wrong area of SQL Reporting Services. You will know you've made the right choice at that level when you see Reporting Services  inside of the folder you opened. Inside the ReportServer  folder, you will find a webconfig file. Search it for ConnectionString. Make sure the server name, database name and id/password are all correct. Hint: Some clients copy-and-paste this information from their SchoolLogic web.config file into this web.config file. That SchoolLogic File is generally here: c:\inetput\wwwroot\SchoolLogic. 

FYI: The web.config file in the SQL folder doesn't come into play on ALL Reports, but it  matters on labels, transcripts; and for Report Cards when you ask for CUM items.


(B) Open a web browser. Go into your Report Manager (path is similiar to this, but may not be exactly the same: http://servername/Reports/Folder.aspx). Open the Report Folder you are using. Find the SchoolLogic file and open it. Make sure the Connection information is there is correct. Server name, DB name, ID/password.


(C)  We have seen clients fix #error by going to their list of Labels, clicking on the one giving them trouble and then clicking Edit, followed by clicking Submit. While this sounds like a "voodoo fix," what you're doing is resubmitting the template to your Reports Folder. (This can also work for User Defined Reports)


(D)  Open the label which is giving you trouble. Redefine it. By that we mean: "grab" the elements which make it up again and Submit  it again. This works if the elements in your original label have become corrupt for some unknown reason or if something changed in a software update.