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Error: No data for this criteria

Error Message

Error: No data for this criteria.


The most-common reasons for this error: You are asking for something that's invalid or missing; or your tracks and reporting periods are askew.

1. Did you select the proper Term?

2. The picklist on which you select a Term always shows you the associated Track. Do(es) the Grade Level(s) you selected at far right have grades assigned in the selected Term? Check for Grades here: Grades > Individual Grades Entry.

3. Check your Terms/Report Periods in your Track settings. Go here: Setup > Tracks. For the Track shown in your Term selection:

  • Your Report Period dates should butt together, not overlap.
  • Your Report Period dates should fit within the Term dates.
  • Your Term dates must not overlap other Terms.
  • Your Term dates must fit within the Tracks.