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Error: Object Reference not set to instance of object


SchoolLogic 4.3.22

Error Message

Object Reference not set to instance of object. It comes up when SchoolLogic 4.3.22 users SUBMIT a Next Year Tracks, Grades and Statuses form which includes at least one NYR Out Status.


The 4.3.22 update included a seperate .dll file which needed to be installed in addition to the usual update process. Well, that .dll file needs to be replaced by the one you can obtain when you click here. Download the zip file which contains the new .dll and then:

  1. Make sure no users are in SchoolLogic.
  2. Go into the bin directory of your SchoolLogic Virtual directory, which most often is located here, on the web server which runs your SchoolLogic software: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SchoolLogic\bin. 
  3. Delete the slbo.dll file you find there. 
  4. Replace it with the slbo.dll file from the .zip file you downloaded.
  5. Let your users back in. 

Ticket 40292 and others, including 40281, 40265. The .dll the client downloads here is from the SchoolLogic Installer. If the client were to simply delete the bad .dll and then run the installer again, the net effect is the same.

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