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Error: Specified Cast Not Valid

Error Message

Specified Cast Not Valid

Fixes and Observations

  • The most common reason clients get this error: Specified Cast Not Valid,  is: Attempting to open a SIRS/SchoolLogic database in SQL2008R2 or older, but the data came from a server running SQL2012. It can't be done. You can open data from SQL2008R2 in SQL2012, but not the other way 'round. 

  • Some clients have seen this in students' Walk-In Scheduler forms when editing any class fields other than dates. Fix: The class linked to the enrollment record didn't have any terms selected in Class Setup and Schedule.
  • A variation of that Symptom: Some clients have seen this error when globally assigning Courses. Fix: Schools must assign a Term and Resource before adding the class(es) to Students.
  • When attempting to do check or enter grades -- Grades > Individual Grades Entry some clients received this error. Check the Classs that Student has. It's likely one or more is not assigned to a Track.
  • Some clients have seen this in Attendance Letters when they don't have a letter within the Group they are trying to choose from.
  • Some clients which use Master and Sub classes have seen this in Global Enrollments, but we have been unable to reproduce it or deduce why it happens.