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Error: These Columns Don't Currently Have Unique Values


These columns don't currently have unique values.. Comes up when teachers take Visual Attendance in SchoolLogic.


The error message your teachers are getting in visual attendance occurs because one or more students in that teacher's homeroom or class(es) which you have open in Visual Attendance has bad status record(s). And by bad records, we mean either a bad enrollment record in that class or a bad enrollment record in your school. It takes only one or two students with an issue to make an entire class error out.

School Enrolment Records

The most-common reason for the error is a student has two active statuses in your school; they have more than one status that does not have an end date or an out status or both. 

If this affects a manageable number of classes, we suggest inspecting the Status record of each Student in an affected class. Use Group Manager to load only students in the affected class. Look at their Status tab and make sure they only have one open Status record. By open, we mean: It does not have an Out Date and Out Status. If a Student has two open records, it’s generally self-explanatory to a school person to look at them and decide which needs to be closed up; to which entry you need to add an Out Status and Out Date.

Also look for Status records which have the SAME in date/out date (in the same row) For example: In date Sept. 2, 2016 and Out date of Sept.  02 2016 . Change the in date to one day prior (Sept. 01 2016).

We’ve seen this triggered when a kid has an out Date of Oct. 15 but an in date of Oct. 16. The in Date has to be BEFORE the out date. (Not sure how THAT happens in the first place). 

Class Enrolment Records

In an affected class, the less-likely reason for errors has to do with their enrollment IN THAT  class. Use Group Manager to load only students in the affected class. Go here: Scheduling menu > Class Setup and Schedule. Check for a duplicate enrollment in the class. We have seen one kid enrolled twice in all of his classes and that made each of those classes error out. Delete the duplicate.

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