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Fix Student Status after Demo Rollover


After Demo Rollover, some of my Student Statuses are wrong. How do I fix them?


Fixing the Student Status after Demo Rollover depends on what the Students have now and what they should have. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Students still show up under Next Year
  • If Students still have Demographic Next Year data filled in, use Global Update to clear those fields by searching for each and replacing with blank. When you run the Demographics Rollover next year: Click Yes to Clear Next Year Fields?
  • Students display as Withdrawn when they should not

Study their Status tab. One possibility is their fall-enrollment line is a date in the future. They will not show up as Currently Enrolled until that date. Note: A student's enrollment date can be as early as you wish, for instance, July 1. That makes them Current as of July 1, but it does not mean Attendance starts that day. Attendance doesn't accrue until the first day of the School Year, as defined in Tracks.

  • Students leaving the District were not Withdrawn.

You will have to manually Withdrawn them and Move them to History. This may have happened because, prior to Rollover, they did not have any information filled in on their Next Year Demographic form. When that happens, the Rollover process ignores them.

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