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If Create Next Year doesn't create Tracks


SchoolLogic 4.2.5 and newer


Some  SchoolLogic clients may experience abnormal displays after running the Create Next Year procedure.  If you’ve run Create Next Year and you see Next Year’s Tracks in SchoolLogic, there is no need for further action.  Although we are working on determining the root cause of this issue, we are providing you with solutions that could help either prevent this issue or resolve it.


A school will run Create Next Year, then go to their track display, see no NYR Tracks; believe the process did not run and re-run the process. However, the process did create NYR Track(s) the first time (they appear in the SQL tables), but the tracks don't display in SchoolLogic for some schools. We suspect this may be tied to a school having unnecessary information in certain NYR tables in SQL.


Back up your Database before running any Commands


  1. In SchoolLogic, delete all unnecessary tracks. Click here for more on the process.
  2. Then, run these commands, one at a time:
    • delete nyreportperiod
    • delete nyterm
    • delete nytrack
  3. Run Create Next Year a second time. Then, check your Track display in SchoolLogic to verify you see your new NYR Tracks. If you see them, your work is done.
  4. If you do not see them, run this command to determine whether NYR Track(s) were created in the Track table in SQL:
  • select * from track where iSchoolID = your school’s iSchoolID
  • Note: If you do not know your iSchoolID, run this: select iSchoolIDcname from School where iDistrictID= 1
  1. If tracks were created, delete those unwanted track(s) using this command, once for each unwanted NYR Track:
  • delete from track where iTrackID = xxx
  1. Go back to Step 2.

If you continue to have trouble, contact our help desk

This came from Service Ticket 39665. January, 2015