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Individual Student Attendance


After completing this how-to you will be able to enter Attendance for an individual Student.


  1. Go to Attendance > Individual Attendance Entry.

  2. In the Group Manager at right, to view the student list by name, click on . To view the list by ID number, select .

  3. Select the group of Students to enter Attendance for by clicking the group in the top of the Group Manager. For example, in the screen shot above, you would select 

  4. Highlight the Student you are entering Attendance for from the student list.

  5. Enter the Date you want to take Attendance for by either manually typing the date in the field, or by selecting  to the left of the field and clicking on the date in the Calendar that pops up.

  6. Select the  you need to take Attendance for. You can select more than one  if the Attendance is for the whole day. You can also use the  and  links to help selecting multiple periods.

  7. Click  for the Absence reasons. ().

  8. When selecting  or , you have the option to select a  as well as a comment in the  field if indicated in Preferences. To enter a reason, click  to open a picklist that contains all of the Attendance reasons currently entered for the school. If you need more Attendance reasons, a user with enough security can do so in the Attendance Reason lookup table under Setup > Lookup Tables.

  9. When selecting , you also have the option to enter the number of  if indicated in Preferences.

  10. Click  to save this information.

  11. Proceed to the next Student if necessary.

  12. To remove an Attendance entry, select the Student and the Day and mark the Student as .

  13. Click Submit.

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