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SRB SIS Knowledge Base

Logging into SchoolLogic


This outlines the steps required to successfully log into SchoolLogic.

  1. Launch your Internet browser.

  2. Start SchoolLogic through a link, favorites, or enter the URL, which will be similar to: http://yourwebserver/SchoolLogic. Some people will prefer to have a shortcut set up on their desktop so they can access the program without launching a browser first. Ask your system administrator if you are unsure how to create a desktop shortcut.

  3. Enter your user name in the  field.

  4. Enter your password in the  field.

  5. Select  or simply press Enter on your keyboard.

  6. The menus available will be determined by the modules that have been purchased by your school or district and the security access you were given.

Note:  Within SchoolLogic, always use the  button when saving information. Clicking on another menu button will not save the information. The browser  and  buttons are active. We strongly recommend against using them because you will bypass the  button and information will not be saved when you move through screens and selections.

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