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Merge Students


Beginning with SchoolLogic 4.3.22 and Database 2.2.386, SchoolLogic users have the ability to Merge Students. 

  • If the contact relationship and name are not the same, all contacts will be retained. 
  • If the two students to be merged have identical contacts, only one set of contacts will be brought forward.

Start with the underlying permissions

1.  Go to Setup > Group Security.  Select a User group who should have the ability to merge students. Expand the choices under the group's name.  Click Audit and Miscellaneous.

2.  In the upper, left of the resulting form, check whether Merge Privileges is set to Yes.  If not: In the middle, bottom of the display, Click Edit.  Enter Yes  in the Merge Privileges box. Click Submit.  

Add Menu Item: Merge Students

1.  In the same User group, Click Menu Security.

2.  In the middle, bottom of the display,Click Edit.

3. On the left side under the Student menu, select Merge Student. Then select the appropriate option (probably R, M, D). Click SubmitThis will give members of the selected User group this new ability when they next log into SchoolLogic.

How to Merge Students

1.  Go to Student > Merge Student

Merge Students shot 11.png

Master is the student you wish to keep.  Duplicate is the student you want to remove. After you make your choices there, Swap reverses the students. When you are satisfied, merge the students: Click Submit.