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NY Scheduling: Course Request Tally List Report


This report calculates the number of sections (classes) required to meet the number of students' Course Requests in each subject area.


To use the Course Request Tally Report to calculate the number of sections required for each class on the Master Board. The Course Request Tally takes the total number of students who have requested a specific course and divides by the number of seats allocated per class to calculate the number of sections required.

First Step

All Next Year reports will only consider data that is designated as Next Year. For an accurate accounting of the Course Request Tally, all student Requests must be entered and all students must have their next year fields populated.  

Second Step

In Next Year Scheduling, go here: Setup > Tally > Reports > Course Request Tally List.  Select the Next Track. Other options include showing attached courses and filtering out Requests that do not have any Requests.

Select the appropriate group, such as Next Year Students or a specific grade.  Click Preview

In this example, there are 68 student requests for Art 9. Based on a capacity of 25/class, a total of three classes is required.

Tally List sample.jpg

What's Next

On the Master Board (Class Setup and Schedule menu) create the necessary classes ensuring that the Course Requests are covered.