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NY Scheduling: Create a MasterBoard


During the Create Next Year  process, Next Year Tracks are created along with their corresponding Terms, Report Periods, Days and Periods.  Creating a MasterBoard(s) is a separate, but related, process allowing you to make a copy of your current board or create a blank board.  Best practice: Make at least one copy of your current board, even if you intend to move ahead with a blank board.

Take these steps

Start here: Scheduling > Next Year Scheduling

For schools which schedule by time of day: On the bottom, right of the display, Click MasterBoards, which produces a new window.

  • If you wish to copy this year's schedule (meaning: Rooms/Teachers/Time of Day, but NO Students), select Create From Current Year.  Then name your MasterBoard. Click Submit.  

TIP: Most clients make this choice, even if they plan a fair amount of change for next year's schedule. It gives them a familiar starting point.

  • If you wish to begin with a totally blank slate for next year,  Click Add Blank, then name the new MasterBoard.  Click Submit.

TIP:  These are not mutually exclusive choices. You can do both, if you wish. You can have as many MasterBoards as you like. Schools which are heavy on experimentation might have eight or nine. You can add or delete MasterBoards at any time during the process, so naming them uniquely, such that you truly know which is which, will be important. Eventually, the Scheduling Rollover process will force you to pick just one, which will become Next Year's Schedule.