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NY Scheduling: Delete Old Tracks First


Schools must always have at least one Current Track, which should never be adjusted once the school year has begun. However, old Tracks from previous school years should  be removed prior to creating the Next Year environment, which copies all Tracks and adds the prefix NYR to each. Removing the old tracks before you Create Next Year reduces the number of extraneous tracks you'll end up with and potentially reduces complications during the Create Next Year process. Start here: Setup > Tracks.

Remove Report Periods and Terms

  • Highlight Track to be removed.

  • Click on the Term. Delete all Report Periods within the Term. 

  • Using the red x on the right side, delete the Term

  • Repeat for all Terms within the Track

Remove Days and Periods

  • Highlight Track to be removed.  At the bottom left, click Periods. Using the red x, delete all Periods
  • At the bottom left, click Days. Using the red x, delete all Days

Remove the Track

  • Highlight Track to be removed.  Using the red x on the right, delete the Track
  • One of two things will happen: You just deleted the Track itself or you will get a message telling you which pieces of information are still tied to this Track. Delete those pieces of information. If you have Students still on this Track, ask yourself why. Assuming there is no good reason, delete the Track from those student(s)’ record(s).
  • It is not uncommon to have trouble deleting some part of the information referenced in that pop-up window. It might be time to contact Tech Support. If, at any point along the way, SchoolLogic produces a message about linked indices, you are in for a big pause in this process. Contact Tech Support. The links can be very difficult to track down.

Repeat for all Tracks.  IMPORTANT. Do not adjust or remove the Current Year Track.

NOTE: If you are able to delete everything from the Track, except for Attendance Blocks, we have a script to delete those. Give your error message, School Name and Track Name to your technical staff and ask them to search our Technical Guide for Deleting Attendance Blocks so that you can delete a Track.

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