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NY Scheduling: Designating Students


Assigning students' Next Year Track, Grades and Statuses is the process which designates a student to their school for Next Year and allows Schools to begin their Next Year Scheduling. The process which we brief you on below is explained more comprehensively here. 


Student data will be prepared and Students will be ready to be scheduled into their Next Year Classes and/or Homeroom.

First Step

Setup > Next Year Tracks, Grades and Statuses

Next year tracks grades status screen.jpg


Using the picklist arrows to the right of each field, populate fields according to your School / District policies.  A Next Year Track will not be entered for students leaving your school, because the next school owns that track; you do not.

For multi-school Districts, we recommend you begin with the Elementary Schools and work upwards through the division, finishing with the High Schools.  This will make the lower school's graduates available to the in-take schools so that the higher building can populate the required next year fields for incoming pre-registered students.

IMPORTANT: If populating student NYR fields is not completed in an ascending school order (Elementary, Middle, High School) within the District, it is critical that these fields are reviewed and, where necessary, populated through Global Updates prior to running your year-end Demographic Rollover.

Second Step

Student > Demographic New Year Fields

Review a cross-section of students to ensure all currently enrolled students in your school have next year fields populated correctly.  Exceptions will be students leaving the school or graduating. 

What's Next

Next Year Scheduling can begin and student data is ready for the year-end Demographic Rollover.


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