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Next Year Creation - SchoolLogic


Creating a Next Year environment is a required process each year, regardless of whether your school uses the SchoolLogic scheduler. A critical piece of the Next Year environment would be the school track(s). It is imperative that this process be used to create Next Year's Tracks. Do not use Copy Tracks or Add a New TrackIn a multi school environment, Create Next Year must be performed at the school level for each school.

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Before you begin


Best Practices: 

  • Remove all old tracks from previous years.

  • DO NOT remove or adjust your current year track.

  • Hybrid clients: To achieve the most-consistent results we highly recommended all work in this article be completed in SchoolLogic. Research has shown creating Tracks in SIRS and then trying to schedule later in SchoolLogic will result in grief.

 Removing Old Tracks

If the only track(s) available belong to your Current Year, go straight to the next section, Create Next Year.
To remove old track(s), go here: Setup > Tracks.

  1. Highlight Track to remove
  2. Click on the last Term. Delete all Report Periods and then delete the Term.
  3. Repeat for all Terms within the Track
  4. Highlight Track. Delete all Periods and Days
  5. Delete Track
  6. Repeat for all Tracks except the Current Year Track(s).
  7. Click Here  for a more-detailed look at deleting tracks.

Create Next Year -- one time ONLY 

Scheduling > Next Year 

The following three selections are for creating Next Year. They are not required when creating/adding MasterBoards. Make the appropriate selections for your school. Most schools, most of the time, select only the second choice .
Clear Course Request:     Deletes all Requests from your list of Course Requests. Exercise Extreme Caution!
Clear Student Request:    Clears student requests from the previous year. Recommended. 
Clear Resources:              Clears resources & sections from Class Section Resources for Master Board Builder.
                                            NOTE: Used only by schools which use Master Board Builder AND are planning a significant schedule format for next year.

At the bottom, left of this form: Click Create Next Year.  In the resulting pop-up window: Click Yes. This creates Tracks for Next Year. Do Not Create Tracks manually!

Immediately: Go here: Setup > Tracks. Confirm the Next Year Track(s) have been created which will be identified with a prefix of NYr and then the current track name. (If the Track names doesn't begin "NYR,"  your Rollovers won't run properly.) If the Next Year Tracks have not been created contact our Support Desk for assistance. If your school doesn't schedule students by time of day, your school is done.

Create Master Boards at schools which schedule classes by time of day

  1. Go here: Scheduling > Next Year Scheduling
  2. In the bottom, right corner: Click  Master Boards
  3. The MasterBoard page displays


Create from Current Year --  A copy your current year Class Board including schedule and resource; but not including students

Add Blank -- Creates a totally blank MasterBoard. No classes, no teachers, no students.

  1.  Click Create from Current Year (unless you want a blank board). There will now be two boards displayed. Do not remove Default Masterboard. It is required to complete the internal process. Click > Submit. A MasterBoard has now been created and linked to your Next Year Track. We recommend creating two MasterBoards, named differently. One will become your working MasterBoard and the other will be a backup of how things currently stand, without any editing. 
  2. Construction > Class Setup and Schedule. If Create from Current Year was selected, go to Class Setup and Schedule to confirm the current year board was copied correctly. If not, contact for assistance. 

Assigning Next Year Fields

Assigning students' Next Year Tracks, Grades and Statuses must be completed to make students available for Next Year Scheduling, including making this year's graduates available at Next Year's schools.

  1. Verify NYR Fields are empty. Clear them out to make sure:  Return to "Current Year" SchoolLogic and then go here:  Student  > Global Update. Group: All Students. Select field: NYR field of your choice. Select Value: Leave it blank. Click Submit. Repeat for all NYR fields.
  2. Go here: Setup > Next Year Tracks, Grades and Statuses. Even if the process has been previously completed, this page will always display blank NYR values by default. Note: This is a global process and field selections are populated for the flow of the general school population. Exceptions can be handled individually through Demographic Next Year Fields or Global Updates. We recommend each School completes this form once, logged in as school operator. And we recommend the process be completed first by elementary buildings, then by middle schools and then by high schools. This will allow intake schools to populate the required Next Year fields for incoming pre-registered students -- as opposed to, for example, a high school not having next year's ninth graders available to them because the middle school didn't yet process this year's eighth graders. A webinar covering this specifically AND this entire process in general is available: Learn more here NOTE: If populating student NYR fields is not completed in an ascending school order (Elementary, Middle, High School) within the District, it is critical that these fields are reviewed and, where necessary, populated through Global Updates prior to running your  Demographic Rollover.
  3. Using the picklist in each field, populate fields according to your School / District policies. A Next Year Track will not be entered for students leaving your school.

Students remaining in your school must have:

  • NYr In Status...this is the status you want them to show for re-entering your school next fall
  • NYr Grade
  • NYr Track.
  • NYr school = current school

Students leaving your school for a school within district (i.e. going from junior to high school):

  • NYr School = new school (populated by the outgoing school)...this choice makes them available to next year's school
  • NYr Out Status (populated by the outgoing school)...this is the status you want them to show for the end of this school year
  • NYr In Status (populated by the intake school)
  • NYr Grade = (populated by the intake school)
  • NYr Track (populated by the intake school)

Students leaving your school and district

  • NYr Out Status = Graduated or Transfer out
  • No other field is required

 4.  Click Submit
IMPORTANT: Unless the entire form is re-populated with the correct information, run this process just once. Running the process a second time with only changes entered, submits the entire page, not just the changes. So, manual changes which may have been made since the last time this form was submitted will be overwritten.

NOTE: Do not put out-of-District school name into NY School. Our demo rollover cannot process and enrollment into a School that does not exist in your database. 

TIP: We strongly recommend Next Year fields only be available on students' Demographic Next Year Fields form. Do not place them elsewhere in Student Demographics. If Next Year Fields are also on a Student Demographic page, we cannot guarantee that edits made to any field in one location will also be saved to the other location. If you do have fields placed redundantly, a user with a District login can remove them here: Setup > Demographics Maintenance.

5. Go to: Student > Demographic Next Year Fields. Confirm Next Year information is correct. If fields are incorrect, use Global Updates to correct.

Next Year Data Check

We recommend each school confirm the accuracy of students' Next Year Fields after the completion of submitting NYr fields, and once again prior to running a year-end Demographic Rollover. Correct entry of Next Year fields is critical to a successful Demographic Rollover.
This can be done two ways:

  1. Student Demographics. Go here: Student > Demographic Next Year Fields. Review a cross section of all grades (both remaining and transferring out students) to ensure all required Next Year Fields are correctly populated.
  2. Create a User Defined Report. Go here: Student  >  User Defined Reports 2Group = All Current Year.

This ensures that students who may be withdrawn but returning next year will be included in the review.
Format = .csv or .xml
Fields = Include all NYr fields
Group By = Grouping and counting is optional and not required for data verification.

Create Next Year photo 1.png

Generating your report in .csv or Excel format allows you to save the report to their workstation for further analysis in Excel.

Microsoft Excel

Open the report you exported from Schoollogic in Microsoft Excel.
Select All  > Go To > Data >  Click on Filter
This activates auto-filter. Picklist arrows will display on the right-hand corner of each column.


create next year photo 2.png


Example of filtering:
In the Grade column, click on the picklist arrow and select 12. Click OKcreate next year photo 33.png


This will filter the spreadsheet to display only the current grade 12 students. For them, the only NYr field that should be populated is NYr Out Status with a status of Graduated or similar.

If needed, corrections must be made in SchoolLogic through:

  • Demographic Next Year Fields or
  • Global Update (Student > Global Update)



Reminder: Students transferring between schools within the same District must have both a NYR InStatus (how they are entering Building 2 next fall) and NYR OutStatus (how they are leaving building 1 this spring) along with NYR School and NYR Grade. The intake school will provide the NYR Track.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our Support Desk for assistance


Another example of filtering

Suppose you wish to find all students without a Next Year Track: Click on the picklist for Next Year Track and select  Blanks. Then Click Ok. This will display all students missing a Next Year Track.


excel autofilter shot 2.png

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