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Outside Students and the SchoolLogic Rollovers


How to handle Outside Students when it's time to think about the coming Demographic Rollover, Scheduling Rollover and scheduling those student for next year.


Let's start at the end of the process and work backwards: SIRS and SchoolLogic are not capable of performing NYR Scheduling for Outside students. The Next Year Scheduling process can only schedule students into Classes at their main school, or for the school that is in NY School. Outside students cannot be scheduled into classes at the Outside School until after the Scheduling Rollover is completed. 

  • Students should not be enrolled as an Outside student until after the Demographic Rollover, because the Demographic Rollover will withdraw these students from the Outside school;
  • In fact, we recommend you Withdraw students from the Outside school once school has completed and grades moved to History, or once they are finished with enrolment at the Outside School in the current year;
  • Make sure they are Withdrawn from the Outside school before Demographic Rollover;
  • If you use either automated or manual scheduling in their NY school, those Class assignments will move forward through Scheduling Rollover;
  • After both Rollovers are complete, enroll students in their Outside school for Next Year and schedule them manually.
  • If you expect students will enroll as Outside students in your building, and your School runs SIMS in NYR Scheduling, make the capacity of your classes slightly lower than normal. That way, there will be room for Outside students in your classes after you run SIMS.