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PASI changes affect Alberta Government Fields in SchoolLogic


Beginning with SchoolLogic 4.3.22 and Database version 2.2.386: Due to PASI changes on how student statuses are going to be handled, we needed to make changes to how certain Government Fields work in SchoolLogic.  Funding-related fields have been moved to the Student status area from the Government Reporting tab.  Also, a new section has been added to the Status tab;  a Next Year Status area.

Changes to Student Demographics - Addition of Next Year Status

Because of changes related to PASI, a new section has been added to the status tab.  Here is a sample of a Currently Enrolled student:shot one edited.png

The student’s current status for this year is under Current Status at the top of this form.  This is the status which will be transmitted to Alberta Ed.  Lower down, the Next Year Status section will hold the status this student will have next year, even if the status will be the same as the current year.  For PASI, Students must have an In and Out status every year, beginning with the 2015-2016 school year.  The Next Year status section is stored in a new table in SQL;  it will not affect any Current Year status information.

Movement of Funding Codes fields to Status area:

Certain Government Reporting fields pertaining to funding have been moved from the Government tab of Demographics to the Status Tab in Demographics.

1.  Click on the Status you wish to investigate.  In this case, Continuous Registration.

shot two edited.png


2. The status information will appear as below.  Note: There is a new Government  tab.

shot three.png


3. Click on this tab.  The fields relating to funding are now located here:

shot 4.png