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RDL file -- what to do with it


SchoolLogic Tech Support sent me an .rdl file. What do I do with it?


An .rdl file is a Report file. It is, essentially, the template which SchoolLogic follows when it produces a report.

If you are using SQL 2008R2 or SQL 2012:

1. Store the .rdl file some place you can remember

2. Launch your browser as administrator and go to your SchoolLogic Report Manager. URL is similar to: http://<report server         name>/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx.

3. Open your active SchoolLogic Reports Folder (most clients have only one). You are now looking at a list of all of the reports you have.

4. In the blue horizontal toolbar across the top, choose upload file and then browse to the location where you stored your .rdl and bring it in. Choose overwrite item if it exists, which will assure the new one replaces the old one.

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