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Requests and how they're used


Requests are used during Next Year Scheduling in a few procedures.  They are the method of communicating and allowing Students to ask for courses for the upcoming school year.  They also allow schools to then tally interest in Course offerings, calculate the number of Sections required for a Course, and ultimately, schedule Students into their Next Year Classes.

Course Requests vs Student Requests

Requests can be referred to in two ways: Course Requests and Student Requests. However, they are the same item; simply referencing two perspectives. 

For example, the person responsible for creating Courses and the Master Schedule is often referring to the overall Request  total and its association to the courses. That person is speaking of Course Requests. When a student has completed their selections for the upcoming school year, the scheduling person will often reference Student Requests. The end result is the same; Requests will be used to analyze the next year Master Board Schedule, help determine if adequate seat allotments have been created for the course offerings and become a pivotal piece of the (optional) auto scheduler.

Click Here  for detailed instructions on how to create Requests


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