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Scheduling Rollover Procedure - SchoolLogic


Scheduling Rollover is the process of moving a Next Year MasterBoard into a current year environment. The entire MasterBoard you select will be moved, including:

  •  Schedule
  •  Resources
  •  Enrollment

IMPORTANT: The Scheduling  Rollover must be performed AFTER the Demographic Rollover has been completed. However, it does not need to be run immediately. The timing is determined by each School individually, when its next year scheduling is completed.
Once a Scheduling Rollover is completed, Simulations and Board Builder will no longer be available for use.
To confirm if a Demographic Rollover has been completed:
1. Open: Student Demographics.

2. Verify the upcoming school year track is populated in the student's ‘Track’ field.

3. Make sure Track Names begin "NYR."  Otherwise, the Rollovers won't run properly.
Note: In a Multi-School environment, the Scheduling Rollover must be completed individually for each school at the school level.

Checklist before you roll:

Item Completed?

Demographic Rollover Complete


A reliable backup of your data has been created

All Users are exited out of SchoolLogic  

Scheduling > Next Year Scheduling

Select the correct MasterBoard to be rolled forward. There may be several to choose from. 

Click Scheduling Rollover

The following prompt will display:

Are you sure you wish to perform a Scheduling Rollover? Selecting Yes will overwrite existing data for the selected MasterBoard

Click Yes. The Scheduling Rollover process begins. 

Confirm the process is complete

To confirm the process has been completed, remain in the Next Year environment.
Open: Construction > Class Setup and Schedule
The Next Year Class Board which you selected for rollover will now be empty.

You have now completed your Scheduling Rollover!

Review your data

We recommend a thorough review of your data to ensure classes and student schedules are now in your current year environment.
Go: Setup > SchoolLogic. This will return you to the current year environment.
Go: Schedule > Class Setup and ScheduleReview with Class Board for accuracy.


When you've confirmed things are correct, back up your data & save the backup
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