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Semester End Update


The Semester End Update (SEU) is a required process to send Final marks to Grades History. It should be run AFTER all Final Marks have been entered into SchoolLogic via TeacherLogic or directly. It must be run for all terms in which there are Final marks, and you've marked that Term as Move to History.
In a multi-school environment, this process must be run at the School level.

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Pre-SEU Review

Before running a SEU, it is important to review your data and ensure your preference, courses and classes are correctly set up.


Verifying Class Setup

1. Go here: Schedule > Class Setup and Schedule > Setup

2. The History checkbox should be selected and a Credit Value should display at right. 

SEU Shot 22.png


Before starting your Semester End Update, create a backup of your data

Report Options Settings

Go here: Grades > Semester End Update

Terms: Select the Term to be updated; Semester End Updates must be run in order (Term 1, Term 2 etc.) If you have not yet run the Term 1 update, you cannot run Term 2 update until you do.
    NOTE: The default setting is Term 1. This will reset to Term 1 each time the form is closed. It is important to confirm all settings each time prior to updating.

Exclude Students Withdrawn from School On/Before:
Any student who Withdrew from your building before the day you select here will not have their courses sent to History.
Students withdrawn from school with an Out Date after the date entered will have the same rules applied to them as Currently Enrolled students. If you do not want to exclude any  students, enter your school year's start date.
Exclude Students Withdrawn from Courses with an end date On/Before:
If a student withdrew from a class before the day you select here, that class will not be sent to History. To include all  courses, enter the Term start date.
Completion Status:
Working from the picklist,select the appropriate status, according to your school's standards and practices.

FYI: Semester End Update assigns the status you choose to the classes ending in the chosen Term (and previous Reporting Periods within the Term; for instance, if you chose Term 1 above, classes ending in both Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 receive the status you choose.) 

Select the appropriate boxes, according to your school's standards and practices:

  • Move the Gov’t Code into History?
  • Do you wish to indicate Exclude from Average for subjects with no mark?
    • If a class has no mark, selecting this box excludes that class from any averages it would otherwise have been included in.
  • Do you wish to exclude Master Classes from history?
  • Do you wish to update the Completion Status for classes that were not moved to History?
    • Assigns the Completion Status chosen above to classes which end within the chosen Term but are not being moved to History.

Minimum Equivalent Grade to include in History

Grades below the number you enter will not be moved to History.

Grade Levels

Only students in the Grade Levels you select will be moved to History.

Always send the following enrollment statuses to history

They key word here is always. If a Class has one of the Enrollment Statuses you select here, that class goes to History, regardless of whether the Exclude Students Withdrawn from Courses date would have otherwise prevented it.


Some classes have entries in more than one GPA category. This choice controls which one of them is moved to History.

FYI: In SchoolLogic 4.5 and newer: For Classes where Move End Of Year Grades to History is selected, those classes will have an additional Marks History record, if the numeric EOY Grade is greater than zero or the Alpha Grade is not empty.

Click Submit

A report will display all Students and their grades that are about to be sent to History. You can verify the data on your screen or Click Print to print to paper or to a .pdf, if you have an after-market .pdf driver. Previews can be generated as many times as you like. The update does not have to be completed until you are satisfied the SEU is accurate and ready to be sent to Grades History. Semester End Update should only be updated once and therefore it's important your data be verified as accurate prior to completing the process. 

Preview Report Messages

SEU shot 3.png

Review the list. 


  • Yes  to perform the actual Semester End Update
  • No  to leave things as they are. Then, go back and make changes.

Once the process has completed, a Process complete message displays. Click OK.

Verify Results

After the Semester End Update has completed, verify the accuracy of course records moved to Student History, as well as the current Mark Records. There are a number of ways to verify results.

Schedule > Class Setup and Schedule > Enrollment Tab

Students will not longer display on the Enrollment Tab of Classes (which end in the term being updated) they were in enrolled in.

Schedule > Student Enrollment  

Classes, which end in the term being updated, will have a completed status and an end date. 

Grades > Individual Grades Data Entry > Mark Details

Final Marks that were moved to Student History will be flagged Moved to Student History.

Grades > Grades History

Confirm accuracy and completeness of the course records transferred.

Grade Detail 1 Tab, check for correct:

  • Term

  • Course Status

  • Start & End Date

  • Mark & corresponding credit are correct (Remember: No credit should be awarded for a failing mark)

semester end update second to last shot.png

Grade Detail 2 form:

  • Language
  • Action Code
  • Delivery Method
  • Term
  • Department Exam Code
  • semester end update last shot.png

Now that you've completed your Semester End Update, we recommend you back up your data


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