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Set up Days


You previously entered the number of days in a cycle, so now you need to attach names to those days.


Before begining this, you must have set up tracks.

Step by Step

1. Go to Setup > Tracks.

2. Highlight the Track you wish to enter information for.

3. Click Setup Days.

4. SchoolLogic will default to the number of days that you entered. Edit the  field as necessary. The default is Day 1.

5. Enter a number for the day in the  field so SchoolLogic will know what order in the School schedule the day will fall in. You will have to enter the numbers each time you want to submit new names for the days.

6. Continue adding days as required.

7. Click the  button at the end of the row to delete the row, if needed.

8. Click  to return the form to the last-submitted (last-saved) information. Clicking  will close the form without saving what was entered on the form and not submitted.

7. Click  when you're ready to save the information entered.

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