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Setting Defaults for Lookup Tables - SchoolLogic


For ease and efficiency of data entry, a District may decide to set default values on specific tables. Following are instructions on how to set defaults on any Lookup Table.

Lookup Table Ownership

Lookup Tables can be set to either District or School-owned. District-owned means only overall District Users can add/edit/delete values. This choice generally reduces the number of entries in any given Table, because each building doesn't create its own version of the same entry. School-owned means that with the appropriate permissions, school users can modify Lookup Tables, and District users cannot.  NOTE to Alberta uses: All PASI-related tables should be set to District owned.

  • Go to: Setup > Lookup Tables.

  • Click on a table. For example: Citizenship.

  • District Owned  check box should be selected. 

  • Review all PASI-related Lookup Tables.

Setting Defaults

Defaults and required can be set on any Lookup Table. Login as a District User:

  • In Setup > Field Maintenance - System / User Defined > select desired table from the pick list
  • Click Edit.
  • Change Required to Yes  to ensure Users must  populate this field, No  leaves it optional.
  • Default Value: Select the value from the table.  Users will always have the option to change this value.
  • Click Submit.
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