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Student Accidently Withdrawn


I accidently withdrew a student. When I open the student's Status tab in Student Demographics and try to remove the Withdrawn Code and date, SchoolLogic doesn't let me. How do I get her back?


If you are unable to remove the latest Withdrawn Code and Date in Student Status, write down these pieces of information:

  • Student Number
  • Student's most-recent Enrollment Date
  • Student's most-recent Enrollment Code
  • Student Track
  • Student Grade
  1. In the Student Status window, click the Red X to delete the entire line on which the latest Withdrawn Code and Date appear. This is safe because you wrote down the valid pieces of information on the left, which you will now put to good use:
  2. Go to the Student menu, Click Add Student
  3. Search on the Student Number. SchoolLogic should find the Student in question. Using the information you wrote down, assign the most-recent Enrollment Date and Enrollment Code, as well as the Student Track and Grade.
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