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Student Lockers


Information here applies to all SchoolLogic users.

Global Assignment

  1. Go to: Setup > Lockers Setup > Lockers > Global Assignment.

  2. Use the Group Manager to select the group of students to assign to lockers, then select the students. Select the location(s) and the lockers. You can use the Select All  and Toggle  links to help with location and locker selection.

  3. The Options (Same Grade, Same Gender, and Same Homeroom) apply to lockers that are set to be shared by more than one student. SchoolLogic will assign students to those lockers based on the options selected.


  1. Once lockers have been assigned to the selected students, a popup window will display, confirming the lockers that were assigned to students. Select whether you want this confirmation report listed by student or by locker.

  2. Click Submit  to assign the lockers to the students.

  3. Once the locker assignment popup has displayed and you have reviewed the lockers assignments, Click OK.

 Locks and Lockers Management (Individual Assignment)

  1. Go to: Setup > Lockers Setup > Locks


2. Select or enter the lock and Click Assign Lock to Locker.

3. Select the locker. The student assigned to that locker will be displayed automatically on the Locks form once you Click Select.

Student Lockers (Individual Assignment)

  1. Go to: Student > Student Lockers


  1. Click Assign Locker.


  1. Numbers entered in the Filter list help to narrow down the locker numbers viewable in the lists. For example, entering 12 allows you to see the locker numbers that contain the numbers 1 and 2.

  2. Select the locker you want to add to the Selected lockers list.

  3. To find one particular locker number quickly, enter that value in the Search: field and click the LookupTableBrowseButton.gif button. The bottom checkbox will add the locker to the Selected locker list. Click the top checkbox and then the Clear Selected Searches:  LookupTableBrowseButton.gif to remove that searched item.

If you want to find a second locker, it will be displayed under the first searched-for locker, unless it has been removed.

  1. Click Select  at the bottom of the form when finished selecting the locker.

  2. From this form, you can also assign locks.

  3. Click Edit to enter a combination and select a lock series.


  1. Click New Lock to remove the lock information and select a new lock for the selected locker.

  2. Use the xbutton.gif button to delete the locker and lock from the selected student.

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