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Student Protection Overview


You have new options and more control over Student Protection records in SchoolLogic 4.1.6 and newer versions. The options will require some planning, which we recommend be done at the Board or District level. 

Highlights of how it works

  • Student Protection is entered and stored on its own form on the Student menu

  • Users assign a Protection Code to each protection entered. We recommend putting some planning into these Codes, and we provide guidance in other articles (see below); as well as showing you the three Codes which Alberta Education will require. You are, of course, free to create other Codes in addition. While only the Restriction Details are visible on the Student’s protection shield, districts which create multiple Protection Codes and use them consistently, would be able to develop extensive internal reporting options.

  • Each Protection record will have an Effective Date and an Expiry Date, which control when the protection shield is in play. These dates can be pre- or post-dated.

  • Students may have more than one Protection record. Operators manually activate/inactivate them by the calendar choices they assign.

  • Click Here  to learn your technical staff's role in this

  • Click Here  to learn more about creating, assigning and viewing Student Protection Codes and Restriction Details. 

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