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Student Protection Procedures


Student Protection is entered on a form under the Student menu. It is critical the following steps be completed to alert Users that a student may be under protection, as well as to prevent students' information from being unintentionally visible. Alberta Clients have three mandatory codes that must be entered (see below). Regardless of whether you're from Alberta, numerous categories can be created by a District.

Creating the Protection Types

Before using the Student Protection form, Codes must be created. Student Protection Codes are a means of classifying the Restriction Details and are most often defined by District or Board. In fact we recommend the Student Protection Code Lookup Table be District owned; having fewer people with access to this Table reduces the chances of duplicate or extraneous codes. Using reports, the Protection Codes and Restriction Details can also be a tool to identify the variety of protection concerns within a School or District.  It is important to understand the Student Protection Code is, essentially, a classification while the Restriction Details entry provides just that: Details. Restriction Details are what operators see initially on the Student's Protection screen when they click on a student in Demographics. Let's consider an example: Suppose your District has students whose parents are divorced and children may be prohibited from being released to one or the other of them. 

Example A

You could use Parent Contact Restriction as a Student Protection Code and have Do not release to father and Do not release to mother as separate Restriction Details, which are entered for a given student. In this case, Do not release to father or Do not release to mother is what your operators would initially see when accessing the student's records.

Example B

You could go with one Student Protection Code of Do not release to father and have another Student Protection Code of Do not release to mother. Keep in mind: Neither of those are Restriction Details and thus neither would not display on the Student's Protection screen when operators initially access a student record.

Creating the actual codes

1. Log in as an Administrator. Go to: Setup > Lookup Tables
2. In the Group Manager at right, Click > Student Protection Code
3. We recommend making the table District Owned. Having fewer people with access to this Table reduces the chances of duplicate or
    extraneous codes.

4. With Student Protection Code still highlighted at right in the Group Manager, Click Add LookupValue in the bottom, middle of the form. 

5. Enter the name, Code and accept No as the default answer to Inactive.

Student Protection shot 1.png

6. Repeat until all code types have been entered
Note: Alberta clients must create these three: Caution, Court Ordered and Independent under 18 as shown but can enter additional codes as desired.

Name: Caution                                   Code: Caution

Name: Court Ordered                        Code: CourtOrdered

Name: Independent Under 18            Code: IndependentUnder18

Adding a Student Protection record

1. Your technical staff should have given you enough rights to go here: Student > Student Protection. Note: A student may have     multiple Protection records.

2. Click Add

3. Enter the Following information:

Protection Type: Select the Protection Type, using the Lookup Table button to the right. i.e. Medical or Caution

Effective Date: Use the calendar button to enter the date this Protection begins. This date can be back-dated.

Restriction Details: Enter pertinent details about the protection concern, such as epi-pen in main office. These details will display     on the Student Protection main screen.

Expiry Date: Use the calendar button to enter the date this Protection ends. This date is not restricted to the current year and can     extend into future school years. Expiry Date will inactivate a Student Protection.

Is Active: This is a PASI item for Alberta clients only. It is not required at this time, but can be activated.

Viewing a Student Protection record

Go here: Student  > Student Protection. Select the Student you wish to view. A protected student will always initially display as shown here. To see the Protection record, Click View.

Student Protection how kid displays.png


  • A protected student will always be identified in all areas in SchoolLogic using red letters for the Student Name
  • See where it says do not release to father in the picture above? The Restriction Details, not the code will display like that.
  • IF security permissions have been set to allow the User to access the student, there will be a View button in the bottom, right corner of the screen above. Click it to view the complete Student Protection record, including Protection Type, and the start/end dates.

Modifying an existing Student Protection record

Go here: Student > Student Protect. Select the student from the Group Manager on the right side.

Click View on the bottom, middle

Click on the hyperlink of the Student Protection Record you wish to modify. 

Makes adjustments as needed. Example: Change the Protection Type by selecting a new Type form the lookup Table.

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