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Student Protection Technical Guide


Beginning with SchoolLogic 4.1.6, Student Protection is entered and stored on a form under the Student menu, rather than within the Student Demographics pages. This article covers: 

  • Providing security access so District or School users can create Student Protection Codes in your Lookup Tables;
  • Providing security access so users can edit individual Student Protection records.

Providing Security Access to Lookup Values

1. Log in as an Administrator. Go here: Setup > Group Security
2. From the Group Manager at right, decide to which group you wish to provide this access. i.e. Admin. Click the + to the left of Admin
3. Click Lookup Table Security.
4. Click Edit  in the middle, bottom of the form. The Tables in the list at left become editable.
5. Scroll to Student Protection Code  and put a check in the box.
6. Choose either Read + Modify (R M) or Read + Modify + Delete (R M D).
7. Click Submit. Now anybody in the Admin Security Group will be able to edit the Student Protection Code Lookup Table.

8. Having performed the above, we recommend going to the Lookup Tables: Setup > Lookup Tables and making this particular table District Owned. Having fewer people with access to this Table reduces the chances of duplicate or extraneous codes.

Create Student Protection Codes

District or School Personnel (depending upon your choice in #8) are now free to create Student Protection Codes, which we explain in this article. For your information, here is how to do that: 

1. Log in as an operator who has rights to the Student Protection Codes table.

2. Go to here: Setup > Lookup Tables.
3. In the Group Manager at right, Click Student Protection Code.
4. Click Add Lookup Value in the bottom, middle area.
5. Set up Protected as shown below. Enter the Name, Code and accept Inactive as No.
6. Click Submit

Student Protection shot 1.png

Security Settings: Giving Student Protection menu access to users

1. Log in as an Administrator. Go here: Setup > Group Security.
2. In the Group Manager at right, expand the Security Group to which you want to give access, i.e. the Admin Group.
3. Click > Menu Security. Click > Edit. This opens the elements on the far left for editing
4. Under Student, locate Student Protection and assign the desired Security Level. Example: Read + Modify + Delete (R M D)

5. Click > Submit. Repeat for all security groups you desire to assign.


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