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Student Search in 4.4 and newer


In version 4.4 and above, there is a new Search feature which works similar to SIRS. This Search is reusable until you erase or edit your search filters.

Begin by Clicking on the Magnifying Glass

1. In the Group Manager, the top line tells you which group of students you are working with and the next line tells you how many make up that group. To the right of the student number, Click Magnifying Glass icon

2. A form nearly identical to the User Defined Groups (UDG) form opens. From the picklist at the top, choose the group of students you wish to work within. In order words: Every student you wish to end up with must be a member of the group you choose, from this list of System Groups: 

  • Currently Enrolled students
  • All Current Year Students
  • Withdrawn Students
  • All Students
  • History Students
  • Outside Student

3. You then have 12 lines to create filters. Click on the black triangle to get a picklist for that filter, using these options: 

  • And/Or, will accept these choices;
    • ( - only available for first line
    • And
    • Or
    • And(
    • Or(
    • )And
    • )Or
    • )And(
    • )Or(
    • )
  • Fields, will allow searching the same fields as a UDG and User Defined Reports do;
  • Operator, will accept these choices
    • =
    • <>
    • <
    • <=
    • >
    • >=
    • Like
    • Not Like
  • Value
    • Will accept data based on field type. For example: If you choose Gender, this will display male and female.
  • Click Submit  to run your search. This will populate your Group Manager with students who meet the search criteria.
  • Click Cancel to return to the original demographics page with no change to which students appear in the list.
  • In the Group Manager, when you are ready to return to a larger group of Students, Click Student Search in the line above the magnifying glass and make a choice from the resulting picklist. 
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