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Xml file -- what to do with it


SchoolLogic Tech Support sent me an .xml file. What do I do with it?


An .xml file allows an operator to choose between multiple versions of the same report. The instructions below allow you to choose between the old version of the report and the new version (contained in the new .xml file), at time of printing. To create the opportunity to make that choice, follow these instructions: 

  1. Store the .xml file some place on your hard drive that you can remember the location.
  2. Begin to run the report like you normally would. Go to the format  tab.
  3. Click Edit Report. On the resulting pop-up form, provide a new Report Name. 
  4. Click add  in the bottom, right.
  5. The screen changes. Browse  to the location of the .xml file you saved earlier.
  6. When you have the path settled into the upload box, click upload file.
  7. On the left, under ReportName, click select, which matches up with your new Report Name.
  8. Click submit.
  9. Click close
  10. Back on the format  screen, you should now be able to toggle report version  between the original, stock version of this report and the version you just got done installing.
  11. Run the new version and have a nice day!
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