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Basic Best Practices


Suggestions to keep in mind throughout the year from TeacherLogic staff and experienced users. Check back as your school year progresses; we may add to this list!


Time-outs:  If being timed out of your GradeBook is a problem, speak with your Administrator. It could be a simple network setting  that needs to be adjusted.  If you need further assistance, ask your Administrator to contact SchoolLogic.


Save early -- and save often: Individual connections drop. Networks crash. So it's always a good idea to continually save your work.


Pop-ups:    ​        Sometimes pop-ups block necessary information.  Check your internet settings, including your pop-up blocker and refresh setting.

Pop-up blocker:    ​Check your Browser settings to ensure​: Pop-ups, at least for our site, are allowed.  Example:

  • Internet Explorer: Go: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Pop-up Blocker.   
  • If you choose to turn that on, set your TeacherLogic URL as a site to allow pop-ups. 

Refresh Setting:    ​Check your Browser settings to ensure​: Refresh screen every visit to the page is enabled. Example:

  • Internet Explorer: Go: Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing History > Settings.   
  • Under check for newer versions of stored pages, click Every time I visit the webpage. 

Internet Usage:      Report Card deadlines are a heavy period for internet traffic so keeping your GradeBook up to date will minimize

last-minute data entry.

GradeBook Setup

GradeBook Setup Report:    This is a summary report of how your GradeBook is set up.  Once your GradeBook setup has been completed, you may want to save a copy of this report. If you make any changes to your GradeBook throughout the term or year and you want to revert to the original setup, this has all the details. Many teachers save these from year to year; it's a roadmap if they wish to set up next year's classes the same as this year's. 

Grade Entry

Class Spreadsheet Report:    This is a summary report of your Tasks and Grades.  As the term progresses, you may want to periodically generate and save a copy of this report.

HomeLogic:  Parent / Student access to Tasks and Assignments in HomeLogic is controlled by District and Teacher Settings.  Here are a few things to remember:    

  • Globally assigning a grade could mean it is visible immediately in HomeLogic;
  • The more often you work in TeacherLogic the more familiar you will become with the product, plus....
  • Internet traffic is heavy at peak times such as Report Card deadlines so you will be ahead of the game.

Securing Your GradeBook

Logging Out of TeacherLogic - For security measures, be sure to log out if you are leaving your workstation unattended. Similar to other web applications:

  • When you close by clicking on the  red X you are closing the browser, however you are not ending your TeacherLogic session;
  • Always log out using TeacherLogic's log out icon

Passwords:  A strong password is an easy way to protect your data.  Including a combination of characters and numbers in your password is an effective method to secure your GradeBook.  

Backups:  Create a Backup of your individual class(es) on a regular basis, if your District has created that opportunity for you.  This is particularly important at term or year end.  Backups, and therefore restores, can be completed at the individual teacher level, without interfering with any other users. Click Here to learn more about Backups and Restore. 

Year-end Activities

Templates:    Make a template of your current-year GradeBook so that it can be imported at the beginning of the next school year to set up your new GradeBook.

Reports:        Run a Class Spreadsheet and GradeBook Setup report.

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