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Bonus Grades


Bonus Grades is one of two methods to award additional scores for calculation of the student average. Bonus Grades allows for additional grades to be awarded to a student.  The other method is Allow Extra Grade, which allows the teacher to enter a grade greater than the 'Out of' value of the Task. 

In a Weighted Percentage Category

If your class has a Bonus Grade in a Weighted Percentage Category, the bonus percentage is added into the Category average:


Step 1:    Calculate the percentage of each Task. Task 1 = 50%; Task 2 = 37.5%. Do not include the Bonus Task.  

Step 2:    Add the total percentages together and divide by the number of scores.  Do not include the Bonus Task

     50+37.5 = 87.5 / 2 = 43.75%

Step 3:    Add in the Bonus score of 8/100 = 8%.  (43.75 + 8 = 51.75)  51.75 % or rounded to 52%


Bonus Grade chart.jpg

In a Total Points Category

If your class has a Bonus Grade in a Total Point Category, the bonus grade is added to the raw score and ignores the "Out of" value of the Bonus Grade:


Step 1:    Add the total raw scores.  10+15=25.  Do not include the Bonus Task

Step 2:    Add the total possible scores. 20+40=60.  Do not include the Bonus Task

Step 3:    Calculate the percentage.  25/60=41.67% Without the Bonus Grade, the average would be 42%

Step 4:    Add in the bonus score of 8/100. 25+8=33/60=55%


Bonus Total Points Chart.jpg

In a Category by itself

If a Bonus Grade is in a Category by itself, we ignore the entire Category -- including the bonus grade.

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