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Do calculations include hidden tasks?


Teachers can hide tasks from student/parent viewing in HomeLogic. Are the hidden tasks calculated into their students' grades? 

Hidden Tasks ARE used in Calculations

A hidden task is still used in calculations. When teachers set up tasks and/or assignments, they can control the time period these are displayed in HomeLogic, which is why parents can get confused in HomeLogic when teachers choose to hide some task(s).

Back up your Database before running any Commands

Whether you are using SIRS4 or SchoolLogic, this SQL command sets all tasks, in one class, to be visible:

     ​Update gbtasks set ldisplay = 1 where iClassID = xxx

You need to replace xxx in that command with the actual iClassID of the class you wish to edit. Alternatively, if you want this command to apply to ALL classes in your District, run this:

     ​Update gbtasks set ldisplay = 1

Note: We recommend trying out your script  in your test environment, if you have one, before running it in your production database. Regardless, we recommend you back up your production database before running this -- or any -- script.

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