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Error: Request object error

Error Message

Request object error ‘ASP 0104 : 80004005’

Operation not allowed

/teacherlogic/periodgrades/periodgrades_submit.asp,line 43


This error message means operator(s) are trying to push more information through IIS than it is configured to allow. This instruction set tells you how to increase the limit. For example, If TeacherLogic is the part of our suite which is producing the error:

  1. Stop IIS. This disconnects any operator in SchoolLogic, TeacherLogic or HomeLogic, so warn them or choose your time of day carefully.
  2. Go into IIS 7 (or above) and click on the TeacherLogic virtual directory on the far left. Note:  If TeacherLogic is not immediately visible, go to the far left column. Open Sites, Default Web Site and MIGAPPS by clicking the triangle to the left of each. When you have them all open, the far left column will look like this:
  3. In the center section under IIS, double-click on the ASP  Item
  4. Under the Behavior header, expand Limits Properties.
  5. Change the Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit to be 1073741824 (1 GB).
  6. Change the Script Time-out to five or six minutes. Like this: 00:06:00
  7. Apply the changes (top, right corner of display) 
  8. Start IIS

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