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How do I Log into TeacherLogic?


TeacherLogic requires a unique User Name/Password combination which allows you to work exclusively with your students/classes in the building which "owns"  that User Name.  Unique Usernames are required for each site if your work at multiple locations.

Launch an internet browser 

Click the TeacherLogic icon on your desktop or use "favorites" for the URL which your technical staff provided you. The address should begin with "http" or "https" and be followed by an address which looks something like yourwebserver/TeacherLogicXE.  This will bring you to the login screen shown below.


TeacherLogic Login Screen shot


The top white box will default to your District/Board.  This is determined by work done by your technical staff. 

Enter your Username in the middle field. Case insensitive.

Enter your Password in the bottom field. Case insensitive.

Click > Login or hit Enter on your keyboard to proceed to the Homepage.

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